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From Kohki Nishio <tarop...@icloud.com>
Subject Scan returns incomplete results
Date Thu, 13 Apr 2017 00:34:39 GMT
Hello HBase users !

I’m seeing very strange behavior with HBase (1.1.2) and I’d like to ask some help here.
I’m scanning rows but sometimes it returns incomplete results. Let’s say I’m expecting
60 rows to come back, most of times I get all of them. However sometimes (1 in 50), I get
only 1 or 2 rows.

According to my test, this happens only when there are other activities (lots of PUT / GET
are happening at the same time), I couldn’t reproduce with a simple standalone scan test
case. First we saw this problem with AsyncHBase client then I tried v1.3 HBase client, both
showed the exact same behavior.

Based on the trace log message, it seems this is not a problem at client side since two different
client implementations showed the same behavior. However HBase is an established storage solution,
it is so strange to see this problem at this frequency, that leads me to believe that I might
be doing something very strange. But I’m not sure what to do next.

The key symptom is that it returns the correct result for most of times, but sometimes it
returns very small set of results.  Any thoughts would be appreciated (RegionServer is at

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