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From Frank Luo <j...@merkleinc.com>
Subject RE: Major compaction cannot remove deleted rows until the region is split. Strange!
Date Fri, 27 May 2016 21:54:54 GMT
What if you manually trigger major-compact on that particular region? Does it run and the delete
markers removed?

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From: Tianying Chang [mailto:tychang@gmail.com]
Sent: Friday, May 27, 2016 4:33 PM
To: user@hbase.apache.org
Subject: Major compaction cannot remove deleted rows until the region is split. Strange!


We saw a very strange case in one of our production cluster. A couple regions cannot get their
deleted rows or delete marker removed even after major compaction. However when the region
triggered split (we set 100G for auto split), the deletion worked. The 100G region becomes
two 10G daughter regions, and all the delete marker are gone.

Also, the same region in the slave cluster (through replication) have normal size at about

BTW, the delete marker in the regions are mostly deleteFamily if it matters.

This is really weird. Anyone has any clue for this strange behavior?


A snippet of the HFile generated by the major compaction:

: \xA0\x00\x00L\x1A@\x1CBe\x00\x00\x08m\x03\x1A@\x10\x00?PF/d:/1459808114380/DeleteFamily/vlen=0/ts=2292870047
K: \xA0\x00\x00L\x1A@\x1CBe\x00\x00\x08m\x03\x1A@\x10\x00?PF/d:/1459808114011/DeleteFamily/vlen=0/ts=2292869794
K: \xA0\x00\x00L\x1A@\x1CBe\x00\x00\x08m\x03\x1A@\x10\x00?PF/d:/1459805381104/DeleteFamily/vlen=0/ts=2291072240
K: \xA0\x00\x00L\x1A@\x1CBe\x00\x00\x08m\x03\x1A@\x10\x00?PF/d:/1459805380673/DeleteFamily/vlen=0/ts=2291071997
K: \xA0\x00\x00L\x1A@\x1CBe\x00\x00\x08m\x03\x1A@\x10\x00?PF/d:/1459802643449/DeleteFamily/vlen=0/ts=2290248886
K: \xA0\x00\x00L\x1A@\x1CBe\x00\x00\x08m\x03\x1A@\x10\x00?PF/d:/1459802643246/DeleteFamily/vlen=0/ts=2290248786
K: \xA0\x00\x00L\x1A@\x1CBe\x00\x00\x08m\x03\x1A@\x10\x00?PF/d:/1459799913003/DeleteFamily/vlen=0/ts=2289446916
K: \xA0\x00\x00L\x1A@\x1CBe\x00\x00\x08m\x03\x1A@\x10\x00?PF/d:/1459797181831/DeleteFamily/vlen=0/ts=2288670451
K: \xA0\x00\x00L\x1A@\x1CBe\x00\x00\x08m\x03\x1A@\x10\x00?PF/d:/1459794447388/DeleteFamily/vlen=0/ts=2287911443
K: \xA0\x00\x00L\x1A@\x1CBe\x00\x00\x08m\x03\x1A@\x10\x00?PF/d:/1459791708803/DeleteFamily/vlen=0/ts=2287213792
K: \xA0\x00\x00L\x1A@\x1CBe\x00\x00\x08m\x03\x1A@\x10\x00?PF/d:/1459788978387/DeleteFamily/vlen=0/ts=2286488738
K: \xA0\x00\x00L\x1A@\x1CBe\x00\x00\x08m\x03\x1A@\x10\x00?PF/d:/1459786243642/DeleteFamily/vlen=0/ts=2285778927
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