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From Talat Uyarer <ta...@uyarer.com>
Subject Re: configurations for compactions
Date Wed, 22 Jul 2015 08:32:49 GMT
Hi Shushant,

Hbase-site just store different values from default values. If you do
not write any settings in hbase-site, Hbase uses default settings. You
can reach your active Hbase configuration from Hbase's Master and
RegionServers web interfaces. In 1.0 Interfaces port changes. If you
Hbase version 0.98 and below version you can this links
http://<hbase master server ip>:60010/conf or http://<hbase master
server ip>:60030/conf

For 1.0 and above

http://<hbase master server ip>:16010/conf or http://<hbase master
server ip>:16030/conf


2015-07-22 7:29 GMT+03:00 Shushant Arora <shushantarora09@gmail.com>:
> where in compaction configurations are defined.
> hbase.hstore.compactionThreshold and hbase.hstore.compaction.max  , Not
> able to see them in hbase-site.xml . Is there any other place also for
> these values . If not set - can i see defaule values of my cluster in code
> or elsewhere ?

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