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From apa...@borkbork.net
Subject Re: Issues with import from 0.92 into 0.98
Date Wed, 27 May 2015 18:17:56 GMT
On Wed, May 27, 2015, at 01:54 PM, Dave Latham wrote:
> It looks like the hbase shell (beginning with 0.96) parses column
> names as FAMILY:QUALIFIER[:FORMATTER] due to work from HBASE-6592.
> As a result, the shell basically doesn't support specifying any
> columns (for gets/puts/scans/etc) that include a colon in the
> qualifier.  I filed HBASE-13788.
> For your case, I suspect the data was properly imported, but when you
> tried to scan for "x:twitter:username" it instead scanned for
> "x:twitter" and found nothing.


Thanks! I want to make sure I've got it right:

When I import the 0.92 data into 0.98, the columns are defined properly
in the 0.98 table, but I cannot perform a scan with a column filter in
the shell as the shell interprets the second ':' in the column filter as
a formatter. From the bug you opened (HBASE-13788) this formatter
behavior is *only* present in the shell,  programmatic queries do not
have this filtering issue. 

Do you know if there are any temporary workarounds in the meantime or
alternatives to the shell for HBASE-13788? Hue or Phoenix perhaps? I
know the shell is heavily used by the engineering team to spot check
stuff and to lose that capability is going to really throw them for a

Thanks again,

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