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From "donhoff_h" <165612...@qq.com>
Subject Re: completebulkload problem
Date Tue, 28 Apr 2015 02:08:18 GMT
Hi, Ted

Yes, I find the color was lost. The delete cell which did not take effect is : K: 2014-10-14#1127295#1/a:F006/1430123822052/Delete/vlen=0/mvcc=0
And I generated the HFile by a mapreduce program.  The correspond code is as following,the
variable "qualifierAndValue" is a String array. qualifierAndValue[0] is the name of the quailifer,
qualiferAndValue[1] is its value.
  if(qualifierAndValue!=null) {
    if(qualiferAndValue.length==2) {
       //Here are the codes generating Put cell. Since Put Cells were all taken effect, I
did not show the code to save some space.
    } else {
      //here are the codes generating Delete cell
      cell = CellUtil.createCell(key.get(),family,Bytes.toBytes(qualiferAndValue[0]),System.currentTimeMIllis(),KeyValue.Type.Delete.getCode(),null);
} //End of While

for(Cell e: treeSet) context.write(key,e)

------------------ Original ------------------
From:  "yuzhihong";<yuzhihong@gmail.com>;
Send time: Monday, Apr 27, 2015 9:44 PM
To: "user@hbase.apache.org"<user@hbase.apache.org>; 

Subject:  Re: completebulkload problem

There're several Delete cells in the output and color was lost.
Can you let us know which line the Delete cell is on ?

Is it this one ?
K: 2014-10-14#1127295#1/a:F006/1430123822052/Delete/vlen=0/mvcc=0 V:

Can you describe how your program generates HFile ?


On Mon, Apr 27, 2015 at 2:30 AM, donhoff_h <165612158@qq.com> wrote:

> Hi, experts.
> I wrote a program to generate a HFile and then used the completebulkload
> command to load it. The HFile contained both Put and Delete cells. After I
> loaded it, I found all cells except one were taken effect. The problem cell
> was a delete cell. Its timestamp was bigger than any other delete cells.
> Following is part of the content from the HFile. The line in read are the
> problem cell.
> I executed the command many times. The results are the same. It is always
> that cell could not take effect.  Could anyone help me to solve it? Many
> thanks!
> By the way, the HBase version is 0.98.3 and the Hadoop version is 2.4.0.
> K: 2014-10-14#1127158#3/a:F074/1430123822035/Put/vlen=1/mvcc=0 V: 0
> K: 2014-10-14#1127158#3/a:F075/1430123822035/Delete/vlen=0/mvcc=0 V:
> K: 2014-10-14#1127158#3/a:F076/1430123822035/Delete/vlen=0/mvcc=0 V:
> K: 2014-10-14#1127158#3/a:F077/1430123822035/Delete/vlen=0/mvcc=0 V:
> K: 2014-10-14#1127295#1/a:F004/1430123822052/Put/vlen=6/mvcc=0 V: 801021
> K: 2014-10-14#1127295#1/a:F005/1430123822052/Put/vlen=1/mvcc=0 V: a
> K: 2014-10-14#1127295#1/a:F006/1430123822052/Delete/vlen=0/mvcc=0 V:
> K: 2014-10-14#1127295#1/a:F007/1430123822052/Put/vlen=4/mvcc=0 V: 0100
> K: 2014-10-14#1127295#1/a:F008/1430123822052/Put/vlen=4/mvcc=0 V: 0920
> K: 2014-10-14#1127295#1/a:F009/1430123822052/Put/vlen=4/mvcc=0 V: 0901
> K: 2014-10-14#1127295#1/a:F010/1430123822051/Put/vlen=4/mvcc=0 V: 1001
> K: 2014-10-14#1127295#1/a:F011/1430123822051/Delete/vlen=0/mvcc=0 V:
> K: 2014-10-14#1127295#1/a:F012/1430123822051/Delete/vlen=0/mvcc=0 V:
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