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From Michael Segel <michael_se...@hotmail.com>
Subject Re: Is it safe to set "hbase.coprocessor.abortonerror" to false on produce environment?
Date Thu, 30 Apr 2015 19:24:21 GMT
Perfect example of why you really don’t want to allow user/homegrown coprocessors to run.

If you’re running Ranger and a secure cluster… you have no choice you are running coprocessors.
So you will want to shut down coprocessors that are not launched from your hbase-site.xml
file.  (I forget the JIRA that Purtell fixed this in.) 

“Failing Fast is no way to run a production cluster…” ;-) 

> On Apr 30, 2015, at 1:23 PM, Gary Helmling <ghelmling@gmail.com> wrote:
> The effect of setting this to false is that, if any of your coprocessors
> throw unexpected exceptions, instead of aborting, the region server will
> log an error and remove the coprocessor from the list of loaded
> coprocessors on the region / region server / master.
> This allows HBase to continue running, but whether or not this is what you
> want depends largely on what your coprocessor is doing.  If your
> coprocessor is providing an essential service, such as access control, then
> simply unloading the coprocessor compromises that service, in this case
> security, which may be worse than simply failing fast.  Imagine a security
> exploit where you can trigger an error in the security coprocessor and then
> future requests can access any data with no access control being applied.
> Similarly, if your coprocessor is transforming data that is being written
> to a table (say updating secondary indexes), then unloading the coprocessor
> on an error would remove it from the write path of any future requests,
> allowing your data to become inconsistent.  Depending on what data you are
> storing and how it is being used, this may be a worse outcome than simply
> failing fast.
> Since HBase cannot know how critical these situations are to you, and since
> coprocessors are a server side extension mechanism, HBase makes the
> conservative choice and defaults to failing fast in the face of coprocessor
> errors.
> The "hbase.coprocessor.abortonerror" configuration certainly works in
> allowing HBase to continue running, but whether or not it is "safe" to use
> in a given situation depends on your use of HBase and coprocessors and
> understanding the consequences of the scenarios I outlined above.
> On Thu, Apr 30, 2015 at 8:04 AM 姚驰 <yaochitc@163.com> wrote:
>>  Hello, everyone. I'm new to coprocessor and I found that all
>> regionservers would abort when I updated a wrong coprocessor. To get rid of
>> this on produce environment,
>> should I set "hbase.coprocessor.abortonerror" to false? I wonder if this
>> option will cause any bad effect to my hbase service, please tell me if
>> there is, thanks very much.

The opinions expressed here are mine, while they may reflect a cognitive thought, that is
purely accidental. 
Use at your own risk. 
Michael Segel
michael_segel (AT) hotmail.com

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