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From Andrew Mains <andrew.ma...@kontagent.com>
Subject Re: Hbase row ingestion ..
Date Thu, 30 Apr 2015 20:00:07 GMT
Thanks all again for the replies--this is a very interesting discussion :).

@Michael HBASE-12853 is definitely an interesting proposition for our 
(Upsight's) use case--we've done a moderate amount of work to make our 
reads over the bucketed table efficient using hive. In particular, we 
added support for predicate pushdown to multiple scans, which allows us 
to read only a specific range within each bucket--see HIVE-7805. If I 
understand correctly, with HBASE-12853 we could make that pushdown work 
transparently--that is, the client code could just push down a single 
scan, which would then be fanned out to each bucket. It would certainly 
make our code somewhat cleaner (we currently create a scan with our 
predicate for each bucket, and then push all of those to 



On 4/30/15 12:36 PM, Michael Segel wrote:
> The downside
> >>here is that you will lose your ability to perform range scans

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