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From Ian Friedman <...@flurry.com>
Subject HBase and YARN/MR
Date Thu, 26 Feb 2015 20:03:30 GMT
Hi all,

We're currently moving to Hadoop 2 (years behind, I know) and debating how to handle job resource
management using YARN where nearly 100% of our jobs are maps over HBase Tables and a large
portion also Reduce to HBase. While YARN adequately handles the resources of the machine its
tasks are running on, for the purposes of TableMapper jobs, the resources consumed are actually
on the remote regionserver, which YARN doesn't seem to be able to recognize. We've implemented
things such as per-job concurrent task limits to help deal with this on Hadoop 1, but that
seems hard to do in Hadoop 2. I'm wondering if anyone has best practices or any ideas on how
to deal with an all HBase, heavily I/O and RegionServer memory/RPC bound workload? Thanks
in advance!

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