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From Shuai Lin <linshuai2...@gmail.com>
Subject Region Server OutOfMemory Error
Date Tue, 06 Jan 2015 11:32:44 GMT
Hi all,

We have a hbase cluster of 5 region servers, each, each hosting 60+

But under heavy load the region servers crashes for OOME now and then:

# java.lang.OutOfMemoryError: Java heap space
# -XX:OnOutOfMemoryError="kill -9 %p"
#   Executing /bin/sh -c "kill -9 16820"...

We have max heap size set to 22GB (-Xmx22528m) for each RS, and uses the
G1GC (-XX:+UseG1GC). To debug the problem we have turned on the jvm GC
log.  The last few lines of the GC log before each crash are always like

2015-01-06T11:10:19.087+0000: 5035.720: [Full GC 7122M->5837M(21G),
0.8867660 secs]
   [Eden: 1024.0K(7278.0M)->0.0B(8139.0M) Survivors: 68.0M->0.0B Heap:
 [Times: user=1.42 sys=0.00, real=0.89 secs]
2015-01-06T11:10:19.976+0000: 5036.608: [Full GC 5837M->5836M(21G),
0.6378260 secs]
   [Eden: 0.0B(8139.0M)->0.0B(8139.0M) Survivors: 0.0B->0.0B Heap:
 [Times: user=0.93 sys=0.00, real=0.63 secs]

>From the last lineI see the heap only occupies 5837MB, and the capacity is
22GB, so how can the OOM happen? Or is my interpretation of the gc log

I read some articles and onlhy got some basic concept of G1GC. I've tried
tools like GCViewer, but none gives me useful explanation of the details of
the GC log.


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