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From Wilm Schumacher <wilm.schumac...@gmail.com>
Subject Re: Cannot connect to Hbase via Java API
Date Wed, 17 Dec 2014 13:56:45 GMT
Am 17.12.2014 um 14:29 schrieb Marco:
> Hi Wilm,
> the regionservers only contain the hostname.
sounds good.

>  And yes, I've changed the
> name....hostname is consistent.
> ipV6 I could try but after searching for it, the issue seem to be
> different (other excption).
> Also, I've installed hortonworks sandbox on my notebook and there I've
> the same issue.
strange O_o. Tonight I will take a closer look at the sandbox (never
used it before). Perhaps I'll find something. But there are some GB to
download ;).

> Could it be a credential issue or sth in that direction? I also guess
> I've no chance to debug it?
sth? Did you mean ssh? And yes, passwdless ssh from the box to the box
itself has to work, as you use hbase in distributed mode (nevertheless
it's only a 1-node cluster). But in this case the ./bin/start-hbase.sh
would have told you that there is a problem.

However, this is very strange, as the hortenwork sandbox should work out
of the box, isn't it?

Best wishes,


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