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From Robert Kent <Robert.K...@inps.co.uk>
Subject HBase Regionserver randomly dies
Date Mon, 01 Dec 2014 11:25:11 GMT

I have got a collection of HBase clusters.  Each cluster is running separate instances of
Zookeeper, Hadoop & HBase.  The clusters are either single node or three node setups.

I am getting constant stability problems with the HBase Regionserver, it dies randomly everyday
or every other day.  It normally dies shortly after printing the following:

ERROR [Thread-125066] hdfs.DFSClient (DFSClient.java:closeAllFilesBeingWritten(911)) - Failed
to close inode 32621
org.apache.hadoop.ipc.RemoteException(java.io.IOException): File /hbase/WALs/extras1.ci.local,60020,1417171049368/extras1.ci.local%2C60020%2C1417171049368.1417295579753
could only be replicated to 0 nodes instead of minReplication (=1). There are 1 datanode(s)
running and no node(s) are excluded in this operation.

Does anyone have any pointers on where I can look to debug this issue?



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