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From Shahab Yunus <shahab.yu...@gmail.com>
Subject Hierarchy of filters and filters list
Date Tue, 18 Nov 2014 05:22:50 GMT

I have data where each row has start and end time stored in UTC (long). The
table is created through Phoenix and the columns have type UNSIGNED_DATE
(which according to Phoenix docs
<http://phoenix.apache.org/language/datatypes.html#unsigned_date_type> does
Hbase.toBytes(long) underneath for 8 bye long). I am storing data in this
table using regular Bytes.toBytes from HBase api as well.

Now I want to query data given a time range, and get all rows lying within
or overlapping the search range. Pretty standard scenario.

For this I create a set of filtersList. A hierarchy of filtersList and
filters in fact.

If search criteria timerange  is denoted by *sd* and *ed*

And each row's date columns are denoted as *s* and *e* (signifying start
and end datetimes.)

These 4 filterLists are created as per logic given below....

filterListLeft (must past all)= This further contains 2 filters= (sd<= s
and ed>=s)

filterListRight (must past all)=This further contains 2 filters= (sd<= e
and ed>=e)

filterListOverlap (must past all)=This further contains 2 filters= (sd<= s
and ed>=e)

filterListWiithin (must past all)= This further contains 2 filters= (sd>= s
and ed<=e)

Then I add these 4 filterLists into another filterList and that must past
one. I realize that some records might satisfy more than one filter above.
But that is OK.

parentFilterList = new FilterList(must past one)

Note all filters have setFilterIfMissing = true.

Then I pass parentFilterList.addFilter to the scanner.

So it is like= (A and B) or (B and C) or (D and E) or (F and G)

But what is happening is that I only get data back for the records matching
filterListWithin. No records which satisfy the other 3 filterList criteria
comeback. The data exists and is valid form for other scenarios. I can also
view it through Phoenix UI tools.

What am I missing? Could this be a phoenix issue?

Thanks like always.


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