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From Qiang Tian <tian...@gmail.com>
Subject Re: Slow Scan can loop forever
Date Wed, 15 Oct 2014 09:54:56 GMT
forgot below code:

we reset scanner to original position,  so if we want to retry for
perhaps one retry would be sufficient(since the exception already indicates
do not retry...)

filed HBASE-12266

On Wed, Oct 15, 2014 at 5:41 PM, Qiang Tian <tianq01@gmail.com> wrote:

> James,
> thanks for the details, an interesting case.
> It looks to me the OutOfOrderScannerNextException thrown by RS is correct
> -- note the internal cursor in scanner has moved on, even if the client
> side retries, client will not get the correct data(will lose data that the
> scanner already scanned)
> the dead loop is caused by "retryAfterOutOfOrderException  = true;" at the
> last line of the try block.
> not sure why it is set true there. but looking at below code it looks it
> just want to retry once?
>             if (e instanceof OutOfOrderScannerNextException) {
>               if (retryAfterOutOfOrderException) {
>                 retryAfterOutOfOrderException = false;
>               } else {
>                 // TODO: Why wrap this in a DNRIOE when it already is a
>                 throw new DoNotRetryIOException("Failed after retry of " +
>                   "OutOfOrderScannerNextException: was there a rpc
> timeout?", e);
>               }
>             }
> and it looks we throw OutOfOrderScannerNextException here
>             } else {
>               // If exception is any but the list below throw it back to
> the client; else setup
>               // the scanner and retry.
>               Throwable cause = e.getCause();
>               if ((cause != null && cause instanceof
> NotServingRegionException) ||
>                 (cause != null && cause instanceof
> RegionServerStoppedException) ||
>                 e instanceof OutOfOrderScannerNextException) {
>                 // Pass
>                 // It is easier writing the if loop test as list of what
> is allowed rather than
>                 // as a list of what is not allowed... so if in here, it
> means we do not throw.
>               } else {
>                 throw e;
>               }
>             }
> On Wed, Oct 15, 2014 at 3:58 AM, James Estes <james.estes@gmail.com>
> wrote:
>> I'm having an issue where a Scan gets in a loop, and never completes and
>> never times out. I've seen it run for hours, and is repeatable on my
>> system. After looking through hbase code and logs, I think I understand
>> what is going on.
>> I'm using hbase 0.96.0-hadoop2, running on Hadoop 2.2.0. I'm using the
>> same
>> version of the HBase client.
>> We do an hourly incremental backup using a simple Java class that sets up
>> a
>> Scan with a time range. We're only adding about 250,000 cells ~100MB per
>> hour across 46 regions on 8 region servers, so there isn't much, but it'll
>> be skipping a lot of data (after a compaction). This Scan will regularly
>> get 'stuck' where we'll be alerted that it has been running for hours.
>> Turns out that one of the scan rpc calls is taking a long time (>
>> rpcTimeout which we have set to 10s), and the ClientScanner.next call
>> loops
>> forever retrying because for some reason, when the RpcRetryingCaller
>> retries after the timeout, it gets an OutOfOrderScannerNextException which
>> the ClientScanner treats as needing to reset the scan. So without another
>> break condition, the ClientScanner.next keeps resetting the scanner, only
>> to get the exact same result.
>> Here is a rough sequence:
>> 1 - the scan gets near the end of a region, and we process those results
>> 2 - then it goes back for more via ClientScanner.next(), and there isn't
>> any new data at the end of that region, so the rpc call comes back to the
>> client (but no new keys are in the result)
>> 3 - then it moves the scan forward to the next region, and goes to fetch
>> more data. This time though, this next region has recently been compacted
>> and it cannot prune store files by the timestamp range, and has a large
>> amount of data to scan through (again filtering by timestamp).
>> 4 - We have our rpcTimeout set to 10s. This scan rpc call takes longer
>> than
>> that b/c of all the data it is churning through.
>> 5 - The RetryingRpcHandler gets a timeout exception, and will retry
>> 6 - The server almost immediately notices this (usually within 10-20ms). I
>> think this indicates that the scan is actively progressing pretty quickly
>> through the data because it is able to check and notice the client has
>> gone
>> away so quickly...there is just a lot of data to get through.
>> 7 - The client retries after 100ms pause time (from the
>> RetryingRpcHandler). But the server immediately rejects the scan returning
>> an OutOfOrderScannerNextException. The client thinks the call
>> next_call_seq=0, server says next_call_seq=1. This maybe shouldn't matter
>> much, it just means the client would reset the scanner and we've only had
>> one extra rpc call here since the ClientScanner treats
>> OutOfOrderScannerNextException as a signal to reset the scanner. But there
>> is no other condition to stop the loop via a timeout or retry count.
>> 8 - So the client side resets the scanner back to the last key from the
>> previous results, and goes to fetch data. And we are back to #1. Right
>> here, there seems to be no check to decide if the ClientScanner.next has
>> taken too long overall.
>> Here are some annotated logs:
>> https://gist.github.com/housejester/a0a530279eaa868db877
>> Increasing our rpcTimeout fixes the issue, since we give the Scan enough
>> time to complete (it didn't take much, 12s was fine, but we've bumped it
>> up
>> to 60s). However, it seems like the ClientScanner.next should either have
>> a
>> timeout or max reset count? Maybe rpcTimeout * retries? I think if the
>> OutOfOrderScannerNextException didn't occur, then the normal timeout path
>> would have worked.
>> James

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