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From "Hansi Klose" <hansi.kl...@web.de>
Subject replication verifyrep
Date Mon, 14 Apr 2014 10:06:12 GMT

I wrote a little script which should control the running replication.

The script is triggered by cron and executes the following command with the actual time stamp
in "endtime" and 
a time stamp => endtime - 10800000 milli seconds. So the time frame is 3 hours.

hadoop jar /usr/lib/hbase/hbase.jar verifyrep --starttime=1397217601927 --endtime=1397228401927
--families=t 1 tablename 2>&1

After some running's the script found some BADROWS. 

14/04/11 17:04:05 INFO mapred.JobClient:     BADROWS=176
14/04/11 17:04:05 INFO mapred.JobClient:     GOODROWS=2

I executed the same command 20 Minutes later in the shell and got :

hadoop jar /usr/lib/hbase/hbase.jar verifyrep --starttime=1397217601927 --endtime=1397228401927
--families=t 1 tablename 2>&1
14/04/11 17:21:03 INFO mapred.JobClient:     BADROWS=178

After that I run the command with the same start time and the actual timestamp an end time,
so the time frame is greater
but with the same start time. And now I got :

hadoop jar /usr/lib/hbase/hbase.jar verifyrep --starttime=1397217601927 --endtime=1397230074876
--families=t 1 tablename 2>&1
14/04/11 17:28:28 INFO mapred.JobClient:     GOODROWS=184

Is there something wrong with the command? 
In our metrics i could not see that three is an Issue at that time. 

We are a little bit confused about the endtime. In all documents they talk about stoptime.
But we found that in the job configuration there is no parameter called stoptime.
We found the "verifyrep.startTime" which hold the value of the starttime in our command and

"verifyrep.endTime" which is alway 0 when we use stoptime in the command.
So we decided to use endtime

Even in the code http://hbase.apache.org/xref/org/apache/hadoop/hbase/mapreduce/replication/VerifyReplication.html
they use: "static long endTime = Long.MAX_VALUE;"

Which name is the right on? endtime or stoptime?

We use cdh 4.2.0.

Regards Hansi

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