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From Henry Hung <YTHu...@winbond.com>
Subject suggestion for how eliminate memory problem in heavy-write hbase region server
Date Fri, 25 Apr 2014 06:07:13 GMT
Dear All,

My current hbase environment is heavy write cluster with constant 2000+ insert rows / second
spread to 10 region servers.
Each day I also need to do data deletion, and that will add a lot of IO to the cluster.

The problem is sometimes after a week, one of the region server will crash because
2014-04-10T10:17:47.200+0800: 1281486.956: [GC 1281486.956: [ParNew (promotion failed): 235959K->235959K(235968K),
0.0836790 secs]1281487.040: [CMS2014-04-10T10:21:14.957+0800: 1281694.712: [CMS-concurrent-sweep:
267.111/279.155 secs] [Times: user=334.79 sys=14.38, real=279.11 secs]
(concurrent mode failure): 13961950K->6802914K(16515072K), 209.9436660 secs] 14186496K->6802914K(16751040K),
[CMS Perm : 42864K->42859K(71816K)], 210.0274680 secs] [Times: user=210.18 sys=0.01, real=209.99

I look into the gc log and usually find some information about CMS concurrent sweep that took
a very long time to complete, such as:
2014-04-10T10:15:56.929+0800: 1281376.684: [CMS-concurrent-sweep: 48.834/58.027 secs] [Times:
user=101.52 sys=11.82, real=58.02 secs]

I do a lot of google-ing and already read the Todd Lipcon avoiding full GC, or other blogs
that sometimes tells me how to set jvm flags such as this:

But alas, the problem still exist.

I also know that java 1.7 has a new G1GC that probably can be used to fix this problem, but
I don't know if hbase 0.96 is ready to use it?

I would really appreciate it if someone out there can share one or two things about jvm configuration
to achieve a more stable region server.

Best regards,

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