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From 冯宏华 <fenghong...@xiaomi.com>
Subject 答复: 答复: New region server not assigned any region
Date Thu, 06 Mar 2014 06:52:29 GMT
is it possible to merge two regions once its split ?
=> Yes, offline merge (via tool and table need to be disabled) is supported by almost all
versions, and online merge (HBASE-7403) is supported from 0.95+, you can check that jira for
more details
发件人: Vimal Jain [vkjk89@gmail.com]
发送时间: 2014年3月6日 14:02
收件人: user@hbase.apache.org
主题: Re: 答复: New region server not assigned any region

I tried to simulate it again but this master automatically handled the
transition from one node to another free node.
Also , is it possible to merge two regions once its split ?

On Tue, Mar 4, 2014 at 8:07 PM, 冯宏华 <fenghonghua@xiaomi.com> wrote:

> New regionserver will be assigned regions moved out from other
> regionserver by balance, and there are some reasons why balance doesn't
> happen immediately after the regionserver is added to cluster:
> 1. balance isn't enabled
> 2. balance interval not elapses (balance is triggered once every 5 minutes
> by default)
> 3. when balance chore runs, it can still refuse to do balance if:
>   3.1. there are regions in transition, or
>   3.2. master is processing some dead regionserver(s)
> You can use balance related commands from shell to check if balance is
> turned on, or to manually trigger balance, type 'help' and look at the
> balance category commands from shell
> You can also check the master log by searching 'balance' keyword to verify
> whether a balance is triggered, and the reason if not(note: no log if
> balance is turned off). There will be 'balance ...' log if there are
> region-move due to balance
> ________________________________________
> 发件人: Vimal Jain [vkjk89@gmail.com]
> 发送时间: 2014年3月4日 14:26
> 收件人: user@hbase.apache.org
> 主题: New region server not assigned any region
> Hi,
> I first decommissioned a region server by using below command on master
> *./graceful_stop.sh  ip-10-14-24-19*
> and then added  back same server to the cluster by running below command (
> on that particular node )
> *hbase-daemon.sh start regionserver*
> Server is started properly but its not assigned any region.
> Can you please help.
> --
> Thanks and Regards,
> Vimal Jain

Thanks and Regards,
Vimal Jain
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