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From Rohit Dev <rohitdeve...@gmail.com>
Subject Hbase tuning for heavy write cluster
Date Sat, 25 Jan 2014 01:40:03 GMT

We are running Opentsdb on CDH 4.3 hbase cluster, with most of the
default settings. The cluster is heavy on write and I'm trying to see
what parameters I can tune to optimize the write performance.

# I get messages related to Memstore[1] and Slow Response[2] very
often, is this an indication of any issue ?

I tried increasing some parameters on one node:
 - hbase.hstore.blockingStoreFiles - from default 7 to 15
 - hbase.hregion.memstore.block.multiplier - from default 2 to 8
 - and heap size from 16GB to 64GB

 * 'Compaction queue' went up to ~200 within 60 mins after restarting
region server with new parameters and the log started to get even more

Can anyone please suggest if I'm going to right direction with these
new settings ? or if there are other thing that I could monitor or
change to make it better.

Thank you!

INFO org.apache.hadoop.hbase.regionserver.HRegion: Blocking updates
for 'IPC Server handler 19 on 60020' on region
memstore size 256.3 M is >= than blocking 256 M size

 WARN org.apache.hadoop.ipc.HBaseServer: (responseTooSlow):
rpc version=1, client version=29,

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