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From Timo Schaepe <t...@timoschaepe.de>
Subject Re: Problems with hbase.hregion.max.filesize
Date Fri, 13 Dec 2013 17:36:54 GMT
Hello again,

digging in the logs of the specific regionserver shows me that:

2013-12-12 13:54:20,194 INFO org.apache.hadoop.hbase.regionserver.SplitRequest: Running rollback/cleanup
of failed split of data,OR\x83\xCF\x02\x82\xAE\xF3U,1386851456415.d04cadb1b2252dafc476c138e9651ca7.;
Took too long to split the files and create the references, aborting split

This message appears two time, so it seems, that HBase tried to split the region but it failed.
I don't know why. How is the behaviour of HBase, if a region split fails? Are there more tries
to split this region again? I didn't find any new tries in the log. Now I split the big regions
manually and this works. And also it seems, that HBase split the new regions again to crunch
they down to the given limit.

But also it is a mystery for me, why the split size in Hannibal shows me 10 GB and in base-site.xml
I put 2 GB…



Am 13.12.2013 um 10:22 schrieb Timo Schaepe <timo@timoschaepe.de>:

> Hello,
> during the loading of data in our cluster I noticed some strange behavior of some regions,
that I don't understand. 
> Scenario:
> We convert data from a mysql database to HBase. The data is inserted with a put to the
specific HBase table. The row key is a timestamp. I know the problem with timestamp keys,
but in our requirement it works quiet well. The problem is now, that there are some regions,
which are growing and growing.
> For example the table on the picture [1]. First, all data was distributed over regions
and node. And now, the data is written into only one region, which is growing and I can see
no splitting at all. Actually the size of the big region is nearly 60 GB.
> HBase version is 0.94.11. I cannot understand, why the splitting is not happening. In
hbase-site.xml I limit the hbase.hregion.max.filesize to 2 GB and HBase accepted this value.
> <property>
> 	<!--Loaded from hbase-site.xml-->
> 	<name>hbase.hregion.max.filesize</name>
> 	<value>2147483648</value>
> </property>
> First mystery: Hannibal shows me the split size is 10 GB (see screenshot).
> Second mystery: HBase is not splitting some regions neither at 2 GB nor 10 GB.
> Any ideas? Could be the timestamp rowkey cause this problem?
> Thanks,
> 	Timo
> [1] https://www.dropbox.com/s/lm286xkcpglnj1t/big_region.png

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