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From Siddharth Karandikar <siddharth.karandi...@gmail.com>
Subject export snapshot of cloned table fails
Date Mon, 30 Sep 2013 13:36:33 GMT

I have reached a situation where good old ExportSnapshot fails

Here is what I am doing

1) Create table MT2
2) Take a snapshot of MT2 -> MT2SS1
3) Export MT2SS1 - works

4) Drop MT2, delete MT2SS1 from source system
5) Export back (import) MT2SS1 - works

6) Clone a table using MT2SS1 -> CMT2
7) Take a snapshot of CMT2 -> CMT2SS1
8) Export CMT2SS1 - FAILS

Though the steps look complex, I feel, it is going to be very common
to take snapshot of cloned (restored?) table and export that snapshot.

Here is the whole output of ExportSnapshot - http://pastebin.com/N1f0Kg1a

I think  storeFile (..) in SnapshotReferenceUtil.visitReferencedFiles
is creating a path like
which is making it fail later.


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