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From Viral Bajaria <viral.baja...@gmail.com>
Subject Re: GET performance degrades over time
Date Fri, 17 May 2013 20:27:09 GMT
On Fri, May 17, 2013 at 8:23 AM, Jeremy Carroll <phobos182@gmail.com> wrote:

> Look at how much Hard Disk utilization you have (IOPS / Svctm). You may
> just be under scaled for the QPS you desire for both read + write load. If
> you are performing random gets, you could expect around the low to mid
> 100's IOPS/sec per HDD. Use bonnie++ / IOZone / IOPing to verify.
> Also you could see how efficient your cache is (Saving Disk IOPS).

Thanks for the tips Jeremy. I have used bonnie++ to benchmark both the fast
and slow servers and the outputs of bonnie are very similar. I haven't
tried running bonnie++ when the load was high but I can try and do it later
today since I just restarted my load test again. It takes a few hours
before the performance starts degrading.

Regarding the IOPS/Svctm, I have run iostat for a while when performance
was bad and saw that the tps was pretty spiky. I have a striped RAID0 on my
4 disks and see the tps hovering anywhere between 100tps to 4000tps. Each
disk individually max's out at 1000 tps.

I checked another region server which handles almost equal amounts of data
but the rowkey size on that box is bigger by 8 bytes than the box that is
slow (fast server: rk is 24 bytes, cf is 1 byte, cq is 6 bytes, val can be
25 bytes to 1.5KB). That box shows tps of max 200 and the GETs that are
sent to that regionserver finish 10K requests in a second (not great but

Given the region size are almost same (off by 300MB), I am still not clear
what else to debug. Maybe I can try and split the region and see if that
speeds up things but I wanted to try that as my last option.


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