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From Tianying Chang <tich...@ebaysf.com>
Subject RE: NullPointerException while loading large amount of new rows into HBase, exception is thrown when trying to obtain lock for RowKey
Date Thu, 16 May 2013 18:41:03 GMT
FYI, below I quoted the customers' response after I explained the NULLException is caused by
the row lock. So my question is if this is allowed situation for multiple threads/process
to compete for the lock, the one who did not get should be considered normal and not throwing


Quote from customer below:
"Well yes, not only multiple threads, but multiple processes!
That’s why we need a lock.

Although I do see some practical problems, and am trying to NOT do the same lock from multiple
threads within the same process, but it is needed to coordinate locks across processes" 

From: ramkrishna vasudevan [ramkrishna.s.vasudevan@gmail.com]
Sent: Thursday, May 16, 2013 10:16 AM
To: user@hbase.apache.org
Subject: Re: NullPointerException while loading large amount of new rows into HBase, exception
is thrown when trying to obtain lock for RowKey

Which version of HBase?


On Thu, May 16, 2013 at 10:42 PM, Tianying Chang <tichang@ebaysf.com> wrote:

> Hi,
> When our customers(using TSDB) loads large amount of data into HBase, we
> saw many NullPointerException in the RS logs as below. I checked the source
> code, it seems when trying to obtain the lock for a rowKey, if the entry
> for that row already exists and the "waitfoBlock" is false (therefore it
> won't retry, but just return a NULL value). I can see in
> doMiniBatchMutation(), the waitForBlock is set to be false. (most other
> places "waitForBlock" is always set to true).
> This exception is thrown from function lockRow(), which has been
> deprecated. I am not sure why it is deprecated, and what is used to replace
> it. Is this normal? which implies the HBase should not throw this
> misleading error message to log.  Or should the client call some other API?
> Thanks
> Tian-Ying
> 2013-05-14 12:45:30,911 DEBUG
> org.apache.hadoop.hbase.regionserver.HRegionServer: Row lock
> -3430274391270203797 explicitly acquired by client
> 2013-05-14 12:45:30,911 WARN org.apache.hadoop.ipc.HBaseServer:
> (responseTooSlow): {"processingtimems":29783,"call":"lockRow([B@339a6a5c,
> [B@5ebcd87b), rpc version=1, client version=29,
> methodsFingerPrint=0","client":"
> ","starttimems":1368560701128,"queuetimems":847,"class":"HRegionServer","responsesize":0,"method":"lockRow"}
> 2013-05-14 12:46:00,911 ERROR
> org.apache.hadoop.hbase.regionserver.HRegionServer: Error obtaining row
> lock (fsOk: true)
> java.lang.NullPointerException
>                 at
> java.util.concurrent.ConcurrentHashMap.put(ConcurrentHashMap.java:881)
>                 at
> org.apache.hadoop.hbase.regionserver.HRegionServer.addRowLock(HRegionServer.java:2346)
>                 at
> org.apache.hadoop.hbase.regionserver.HRegionServer.lockRow(HRegionServer.java:2332)
>                 at sun.reflect.GeneratedMethodAccessor156.invoke(Unknown
> Source)
>                 at
> sun.reflect.DelegatingMethodAccessorImpl.invoke(DelegatingMethodAccessorImpl.java:25)
>                 at java.lang.reflect.Method.invoke(Method.java:597)
>                 at
> org.apache.hadoop.hbase.ipc.WritableRpcEngine$Server.call(WritableRpcEngine.java:384)
>                 at
> org.apache.hadoop.hbase.ipc.HBaseServer$Handler.run(HBaseServer.java:1336)
> 2013-05-14 12:46:02,514 WARN org.apache.hadoop.ipc.HBaseServer: IPC Server
> Responder, call get([B@2166c821,
> {"timeRange":[0,9223372036854775807],"totalColumns":1,"cacheBlocks":true,"families":{"id":["tagv"]},"maxVersions":1,"row":"
> slcsn-s00314.slc.ebay.com"}), rpc version=1, client version=29,
> methodsFingerPrint=0 from output error
> 2013-05-14 12:46:02,514 WARN org.apache.hadoop.ipc.HBaseServer: IPC Server
> handler 3 on 60020 caught: java.io.IOException: Connection reset by peer
>                 at sun.nio.ch.FileDispatcher.write0(Native Method)
>                 at
> sun.nio.ch.SocketDispatcher.write(SocketDispatcher.java:29)

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