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From Jan Lukavsk√Ĺ <jan.lukav...@firma.seznam.cz>
Subject Scanner returning keys out of order
Date Fri, 17 May 2013 13:40:08 GMT
Hi all,

we are seeing very strange behavior of HBase (version 0.90.6-cdh3u5) in 
the following scenario:

  1) Open scanner and start scanning.
  2) Check order of returned keys (simple test if next key is 
lexigraphically greater than the previous one).
  3) The check may occasionally fail.

When we investigated this a bit, we saw major compaction occurring on 
the scanned region precisely in the time of the check failure. 
Interesting is that the compaction occurred on a column family that was 
not actually involved in the scanning. Has anyone else seen this? Is it 
possible that this is fixed in any higher version of HBase?


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