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From Dan Crosta <...@magnetic.com>
Subject HBase Thrift inserts bottlenecked somewhere -- but where?
Date Fri, 01 Mar 2013 12:17:22 GMT
We are using a 6-node HBase cluster with a Thrift Server on each of the RegionServer nodes,
and trying to evaluate maximum write throughput for our use case (which involves many processes
sending mutateRowsTs commands). Somewhere between about 30 and 40 processes writing into the
system we cross the threshold where adding additional writers yields only very limited returns
to throughput, and I'm not sure why. We see that the CPU and Disk on the DataNode/RegionServer/ThriftServer
machines are not saturated, nor is the NIC in those machines. I'm a little unsure where to
look next.

A little more detail about our deployment:

* CDH 4.1.2
* DataNode/RegionServer/ThriftServer class: EC2 m1.xlarge
** RegionServer: 8GB heap
** ThriftServer: 1GB heap
** DataNode: 4GB heap
** EC2 ephemeral (i.e. local, not EBS) volumes used for HDFS

If there's any other information that I can provide, or any other configuration or system
settings I should look at, I'd appreciate the pointers.

 - Dan
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