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From Bryan Keller <brya...@gmail.com>
Subject Maximizing throughput
Date Fri, 11 Jan 2013 04:31:09 GMT
I am attempting to configure HBase to maximize throughput, and have noticed some bottlenecks.
In particular, with my configuration, write performance is well below theoretical throughput.
I have a test program that inserts many rows into a test table. Network I/O is less than 20%
of max, and disk I/O is even lower, maybe around 5% max on all boxes in the cluster. CPU is
well below than 50% max on all boxes. I do not see any I/O waits or anything in particular
than raises concerns. I am using iostat and iftop to test throughput. To determine theoretical
max, I used dd and iperf. I have spent quite a bit of time optimizing the HBase config parameters,
optimizing GC, etc., and am familiar with the HBase book online and such.
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