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From Chris Waterson <water...@maubi.net>
Subject hbase corruption - missing region files in HDFS
Date Sun, 09 Dec 2012 04:30:55 GMT
Hello!  I've gotten myself into trouble where I'm missing files on HDFS that HBase thinks ought
to be there.  In particular, running "hbase hbck" yields the below message: two regions are
"not deployed on any region server" (because there is no file in HDFS for the region), and
"there is a hole in the region chain".

(FWIW, I suspect that this problem is due to a recent incident where we ran the cluster out
of disk space.)

I'm running 0.92.1, and have been staggering around trying to figure out what procedure I
ought to use to correct the problem, but my Google-fu is too poor to have yielded results.
 Any pointers would be appreciated!


ERROR: Region referrers,com.free-hdwallpapers.www/wallpapers/animals/mici/595718.jpg|com.free-hdwallpapers.www/wallpaper/animals/husky/270579,1354964606745.0c54fe59c58ddd6b34042ec98171bff7.
not deployed on any region server.
ERROR: Region referrers,com.free-hdwallpapers.www/wallpapers/anime/mici/78285.jpg|com.free-hdwallpapers.www/wallpaper/anime/wolf-furry/90641,1354964606745.d2451e8db0f2b9546cc42c6d260a2ab8.
not deployed on any region server.
ERROR: There is a hole in the region chain between com.free-hdwallpapers.www/wallpapers/animals/mici/595718.jpg|com.free-hdwallpapers.www/wallpaper/animals/husky/270579
and com.free-hdwallpapers.www/wallpapers/entertainment/mici/11840.jpg|com.free-hdwallpapers.www/wallpaper/entertainment/new-moon-bella-and-edward/12951.
 You need to create a new regioninfo and region dir in hdfs to plug the hole.

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