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From Dimitry Goldin <gol...@neofonie.de>
Subject Re: HBase table affinity to host(s)
Date Sat, 22 Dec 2012 00:33:23 GMT

On 22.12.2012 00:54, Brennon Church wrote:> I'm curious, is there any 
concept of hosting regions from a given table
 > only on a single host or subset of hosts in a cluster?

Not really. Since any region could be moved to any regionserver
upon failure, no permanent ties are established between
regions and their locations.

 > In our case we have a heavily-used table that can cause problems for the
 > older systems in our cluster.  Newer systems would have less trouble,
 > so I'd like to restrict regions for that one table only to those more
 > powerful servers.

 From the top of my head you could try a couple of things to achieve
that effect:

- Putting the smaller machines into a different hbase cluster
with tables they can handle and the rest on the bigger one.

- If you're running 0.95 or higher, you should try
StochasticLoadBalancer and see if it maybe is already enough
to help. Though thats not really likely, as it does not
factor in the system load. But certainly
a good starting point for building a balancer which suits
your needs better.

- You could manually assign regions to your servers using hbase shells 
'assign' command, which will only work until the regionserver is
restarted or fails.

Personally, I have only tried the last option.


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