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From Vincent Barat <vincent.ba...@gmail.com>
Subject Re: HBase Tuning
Date Tue, 20 Nov 2012 18:54:50 GMT

It seems there is a potential contention in the HBase client code (a 
useless synchronized method)
You may try to use this patch : 

I face similar issues on my production cluster since I upgraded to 
HBase 0.92. I will test this patch tomorrow...
More info matter.


Le 12/10/12 12:56, Ricardo Vilaça a écrit :
> Hi,
> Em 11/10/12 04:24, Stack escreveu:
>> On Wed, Oct 10, 2012 at 5:51 AM, Ricardo Vilaça <rmvilaca@di.uminho.pt> wrote:
>>> However, when adding an additional client node, with also 400 clients,
>>> the latency increases 3 times,
>>> but the RegionServers remains idle more than 80%. I had tried different
>>> values for the hbase.regionserver.handler.count and also
>>> for the hbase.client.ipc.pool size and type but without any improvement.
>> I was going to suggest that it sounded like all handlers are
>> occupied... but it sounds like you tried upping them.
> Yes, had already tried to increase to 200 but without improvement
> on the application latency. However, the output of the active IPC
> handlers, using the Web interface,
> is strange. For region servers  I can see in a given instant at most 4
> IPC handler active but if I
> see the state of all other IPC handlers they are waiting for 0 seconds.
> In the master the IPC handlers are also almost all in the waiting state
> but for a few seconds.
>> Is this going from one client node (serving 400 clients) to two client
>> nodes (serving 800 clients)?
> Yes, the huge increase in latency is when going for one client node to
> two client nodes. However, increasing the number of clients in a single
> node also adds to latency but a small increase.
>> Where are you measuring from?  Application side?  Can you figure if we
>> are binding up in HBase or in the client node?
> This measures are from the application  side. As the huge increase in
> latency
> is happening when increasing the number of clients I suspect that the
> binding up is in the
> HBase maybe due to some incorrect configuration.
>> What does a client node look like?  It is something hosting an hbase
>> client?  A webserver or something?
> Yes, the client node is hosting an HBase client.
>>> Is there any configuration parameter that can improve the latency with
>>> several concurrent threads and more than one HBase client node
>>> and/or which JMX parameters should I monitor on RegionServers to check
>>> what may be causing this and how could I achieve better utilization of CPU
>>> at RegionServers?
>> It sounds like all your data is memory resident given its size and the
>> lack of iowait.  Is that so?  Studying the regionserver metrics, are
>> they fairly constant across the addition of the new client node?
> Yes, all data is memory resident. As far as I can see, the regionserver
> metrics are
> fairly constant.
> Thanks,

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