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From yun peng <pengyunm...@gmail.com>
Subject When does HBase set modification timestamp of a HFile?
Date Sat, 20 Oct 2012 20:36:26 GMT
Hi, All,
I am trying to understand how and when hbase set the modification
timestamp for hfiles. My original intention is to get a timestamp when
a hfile is generated (when last write to a hfile in compaction).
StoreFile.getModificationTime() looks a good candidate but after
initial tests, it has some behaviour that confuses.

My test case is like,
@hbase shell
put 'usertable', "key1", 'cf:c1', "v1"
put 'usertable', "key1", 'cf:c1', "v2"
get 'usertable', 'key1', {COLUMN => 'cf:c1', VERSIONS => 4}
flush 'usertable'
major_compact 'usertable'

for the get operation, it echoes
COLUMN             CELL
 cf:c1             timestamp=1350764448150, value=v2
 cf:c1             timestamp=1350764448114, value=v1

but when I try to get modification timestamp of the hfile generated by
major_compact, it is 1350764448000, which is smaller/earlier than that
of the keyvalues (which are actually put first). I have run the same
test this couple of times, and it is not always: sometime modification
timestamp is eariler sometimes it's later than keyvalue's.

Anyone knows how HBase set modification timestamp of hfile and that of
a keyvalue pair? Or generally, how should I get a timestamp indicating
when the last write to a hfile occurs?


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