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From Kevin Lyda <ke...@ie.suberic.net>
Subject HBase 0.92.1 questions...
Date Tue, 09 Oct 2012 18:51:17 GMT
HBase n00b here, sorry for the level of the questions I'm about to
spit out. I have gone hunting for answers for the past few days.

I have an HBase that was recently upgraded from 0.20.6 to 0.92.1. This
was done just as I was starting so I'm not clear on the state of the
HBase prior to the upgrade.

Currently an hdck of it yields loads of "[blah] is listed in META on
region server [fluffy] but is multiply assigned to region servers
[froofy], [moofy], [floyd]". By loads I mean tens of thousands. I gave
a -fix option to hdck, but the errors remain.

In reading the docs I learned that hdck in 0.92.2 has some additional
-fix* options, and -fixAssignments and -fixMeta seem like they might
fix this. I also got the impression that one could run the 0.92.2
version of hdck on a 0.92.1 HBase - possibly needing to restart the
master server after it completes (or does the master server need to be
stopped, hdck run and then the master server brought up after

It also appears that a rolling upgrade to 0.92.2 is possible - but it
says the hdck should be clean.

Lastly I note that there are two release tarballs for each version:
hbase-VERSION.tar.gz and hbase-VERSION-security.tar.gz. However I
can't seem to find any references to what this means. Is the -security
tarball just a version with security patches added, or does it mean
something else?

Thanks for any help.


Kevin Lyda
Dublin, Ireland
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