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From Wendy Buster <stevebuster...@hotmail.com>
Subject HBASE vs Data Historian
Date Wed, 03 Oct 2012 11:38:22 GMT
I use a data historian (sometimes called time series database) for collecting and persisting
large (billions) of rows of  measurement data.  The data being collected is off of a manufacturing
equipment and represents sensors such as temperature, pressure….  I've been wondering if
I should be researching some type of BigData replacement.  The historian simply stores key=value
types data, primarily made up of timestamp=value.  At 3:00, temperature was 40, at 3:01, it
was 40…. Lots of repetitive data, but historians are good at compression, but cost $$. 
I have to believe that commodity hardware is a lot less than year over year software maintenance.
 Has anyone used any of the Apache Hadoop products in this scenario?


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