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From Adrien Mogenet <adrien.moge...@gmail.com>
Subject Client receives SocketTimeoutException (CallerDisconnected on RS)
Date Thu, 23 Aug 2012 17:24:26 GMT
Hi there,

While I'm performing read-intensive benchmarks, I'm seeing storm of
"CallerDisconnectedException" in certain RegionServers. As the
documentation says, my client received a SocketTimeoutException
(60000ms etc...) at the same time.
It's always happening and I get very poor read-performances (from 10
to 5000 reads/sc) in a 10 nodes cluster.

My benchmark consists in several iterations launching 10, 100 and 1000
Get requests on a given random rowkey with a single CF/qualifier.
I'm using HBase 0.94.1 (a few commits before the official stable
release) with Hadoop 1.0.3.
Bloom filters have been enabled (at the rowkey level).

I do not find very clear informations about these exceptions. From the
reference guide :
  (...) you should consider digging in a bit more if you aren't doing
something to trigger them.

Well... could you help me digging? :-)


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