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From Lukáš Drbal <lukas.dr...@gmail.com>
Subject Secondary indexes suggestions
Date Sun, 12 Aug 2012 12:15:53 GMT
Hi all,

iam new user of Hbase and i need help with secondary indexes.

For example i have messages and users. Each user has many messages.
Data structure will be like this:

- String id
- Long sender_id
- Long recipient_id
- String text
- Timestamp created_at

- Long id
- String username

I need create secondary indexes for reading all messages:
a) inbox (by recipient_id) in timerange.
b) outbox (by sender_id) in timerange

Can someone give me suggestions for this index(es) and attributes for
I expect here 500M messages and 50M users.

Thanks a lot for response.

P.S. Sorry for my bad english, isn't my primary language

Lukas Drbal

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