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From Lars George <lars.geo...@gmail.com>
Subject Re: HBASE -- Regionserver and QuorumPeer ?
Date Mon, 02 Jul 2012 07:41:29 GMT
Hi Mike,

> Running  RS on a machine where DN isn't running? 

I am not following here. Andy said that both are on the same node. Where in this thread did
someone imply something else? Just curious.


On Jul 2, 2012, at 7:11 AM, Michael Segel wrote:

> I'm sorry I'm losing it. 
> Running  RS on a machine where DN isn't running? 
> So then the RS can't store its regions locally. Not sure if that would ever be a good
idea or recommended. 
> Thought the initial question is running ZK on the same node as a RS which isn't a good
idea and a recipe for failure....
> Following KISS is a much better way of life than taking Crystal Meth. Its one way to
avoid those nasty 'dead hooker problems'. *
> *<rant>
> 	<explanation>
> 		Just to explain KISS and what I mean by a 'dead hooker' problem...
> 		KISS = Keep It Simple Stupid 
> 		This is an engineering principle used to teach engineering students that the best solutions
are the ones that are straight forward and that if you attempt to get too clever, you always
		get some sort of blow back in your face.  It usually hurts and its always self inflicted.
> 		'dead hooker problems'  - are the theoretical problems of how to get rid of the dead
hooker from your hotel room after your party of Hookers, Booze and either Crystal Meth or
				Cocaine goes terribly wrong and you wake up the next morning with a nasty hangover and
a dead body that you have to get out of your hotel room before the cleaning ladies come 	
knocking on your hotel room door. While I've never experienced this... I can't recall how
many movies have this as a plot or sub plot. 
> 		Not that I'm attempting to advocate drugs or killing hookers, unless its with a type
writer or text editor when you want to write your next failed movie script. 
> 	</explanation>
> 	So here's my rant... 
> 	I'm not picking on the OP, but in general there's a class of posts where the OP starts
a thread by ignoring the common wisdom captured in books, blogs and Apache wikis when setting
up 	a cluster. 
> 	When things don't work, they ultimately post here and wonder why they don't work. 
> 	The key to happiness is to not ignore the conventional wisdom and when starting out
with Hadoop,  follow the suggested set ups. Remember that the key is to first grok Hadoop
before 	you attempt and doing more advanced things in terms of cluster configurations. That
is what is meant by KISS. Accept that Hadoop is just a tool used by many to solve problems
requiring 	a parallel framework. 
> 	Dead Hooker problems may be a great plot device, but in real life, when under a time
crunch, they are something one should avoid.  ;-) 
> </rant>
> For those of you who don't appreciate my sense of humor, try another example... (Also
note... I don't know how this will translate to another language other than English so the
meaning of this could be lost in translation...) 
> Your wife has invited a bunch of her co-workers, including her boss, over for a dinner.
You, being the good spouse are responsible for some of the meal prep. Rather than go with
a tried and true recipe, you decide to try something new. And not only try a new recipe, you
also decide to improvise and try new ingredients and do your own thing.   Not really a good
idea, and unless you are incredibly lucky, or a really good cook with a talent for creating
new recipes, you are more than likely going to end up in the dog house. 
> Take it from a guy who usually lives in the dog house for one reason or another... following
the recipes and not trying something new when the pressure for success is on... much less
stress in your life.  :-) 
> Again, with respect to Hadoop, there are a lot of moving parts where things can go wrong.
I've got this drinking buddy named Murphy... you know the guy, he wrote this law... ;-)
> -Mikey
> On Jul 1, 2012, at 7:41 PM, Andrew Purtell wrote:
>> A typical and recommended configuration is HBase RegionServer and HDFS
>> DataNode colocated on the nodes. The DataNode will use locally
>> attached disk to store and serve blocks.

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