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From Doug Meil <doug.m...@explorysmedical.com>
Subject Re: Get the list of store/store files for a region via HBase API
Date Tue, 15 May 2012 21:23:47 GMT

You can get the Table->Region->StoreFile information via HDFS.  That is
described here in the RefGuide:


On 5/15/12 5:09 PM, "Chen Song" <chen.song.82@gmail.com> wrote:

>I am new to HBase and started working on a project which needs meta
>information on HBase regions for a table. The version of HBase I am using
>The use case is very simple.
>First, I want to get all regions for a table, which I can achieve using
>API call below.
>    HTable table = new HTable(conf, tableName);
>    Map<HRegionInfo, HServerAddress> regions = table.getRegionsInfo();
>Second, I want to get the list of stores (and then store files) for each
>region. This is where I stuck as I could not find a way to do it by
>searching in the API. It seems that HRegionInterface started supporting
>call to retrive the list of store files since 0.95-SNAPSHOT but I don't
>want to upgrade my HBase version. Below is how to get the corresponding
>    HConnection connection = table.getConnection();
>    HRegionInterface regionInterface =
>The series of objects I would like to get in sequence is like: HRegionInfo
>-> HRegion -> Store/StoreFile/HFile. If some can help me with it, that
>would be great.
>Thanks very much,

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