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From arnaud but <sdnetw...@gmail.com>
Subject Re: Store List of data items in Hbase.
Date Mon, 09 Apr 2012 08:10:32 GMT
Le 09/04/2012 08:46, Ram a écrit :
> Im trying to store a list,collection of data objects in Hbase. For example ,a
> User table where a the userId is the Rowkey and column family Contacts with
> column Contacts:EmailIds where EmailIds is a list of emails as
> {abcd@example.com,bpqrs-Re5JQEeQqe/9cO4lrsz0Iw@public.gmane.org}
> How do we model this in Hbase ? How do we do this in Java?/Python?Ive tried
> pickling and unpickling data in Python but this is one solution which I do not
> want to use due to performance issues.


i see two solutions :

1) seriliaze your email list and put in in column Contacts:EmailIds and 
desiarilize when you want to read it.

2) or store each email in a qualifier of the column family contact.
ex :

for me the best solution is the one because the desiarilization of this 
kind of object is very fast, the second one i don't know because i'm a 
beginner in hbase but i know that have to much qulifier is not good 
(hbase book smackdown).

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