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From Ferdy Galema <ferdy.gal...@kalooga.com>
Subject gc pause killing regionserver
Date Sat, 03 Mar 2012 13:05:06 GMT

I'm running regionservers with 2GB heap and following tuning options:
-XX:+UseConcMarkSweepGC -XX:+UseParNewGC -XX:NewRatio=16
-XX:CMSInitiatingOccupancyFraction=70 -XX:+UseCMSInitiatingOccupancyOnly

A regionserver aborted (YouAreDeadException) and this was printed in the gc
logs (all is shown up until the abort)

211663.516: [GC 211663.516: [ParNew: 118715K->13184K(118912K), 0.0445390
secs] 1373940K->1289814K(2233472K), 0.0446420 secs] [Times: user=0.14
sys=0.01, real=0.05 secs]
211663.686: [GC 211663.686: [ParNew: 118912K->13184K(118912K), 0.0594280
secs] 1395542K->1310185K(2233472K), 0.0595420 secs] [Times: user=0.15
sys=0.00, real=0.06 secs]
211663.869: [GC 211663.869: [ParNew: 118790K->13184K(118912K), 0.0434820
secs] 1415792K->1331317K(2233472K), 0.0435930 secs] [Times: user=0.13
sys=0.01, real=0.04 secs]
211667.598: [GC 211667.598: [ParNew (promotion failed):
118912K->118912K(118912K), 0.0225390 secs]211667.621: [CMS:
1330845K->1127914K(2114560K), 51.3610670 secs]
1437045K->1127914K(2233472K), [CMS Perm : 20680K->20622K(34504K)],
51.3838170 secs] [Times: user=1.82 sys=0.31, real=51.38 secs]
211719.713: [GC 211719.714: [ParNew: 105723K->13184K(118912K), 0.0176130
secs] 1233638K->1149393K(2233472K), 0.0177230 secs] [Times: user=0.07
sys=0.00, real=0.02 secs]
211719.851: [GC 211719.852: [ParNew: 118912K->13184K(118912K), 0.0281860
secs] 1255121K->1170269K(2233472K), 0.0282970 secs] [Times: user=0.10
sys=0.01, real=0.03 secs]
211719.993: [GC 211719.993: [ParNew: 118795K->13184K(118912K), 0.0276320
secs] 1275880K->1191268K(2233472K), 0.0277350 secs] [Times: user=0.09
sys=0.00, real=0.03 secs]
211720.490: [GC 211720.490: [ParNew: 118912K->13184K(118912K), 0.0624650
secs] 1296996K->1210640K(2233472K), 0.0625560 secs] [Times: user=0.15
sys=0.00, real=0.06 secs]
211720.687: [GC 211720.687: [ParNew: 118702K->13184K(118912K), 0.1651750
secs] 1316159K->1231993K(2233472K), 0.1652660 secs] [Times: user=0.25
sys=0.01, real=0.17 secs]
211721.038: [GC 211721.038: [ParNew: 118912K->13184K(118912K), 0.0952750
secs] 1337721K->1252598K(2233472K), 0.0953660 secs] [Times: user=0.15
sys=0.00, real=0.09 secs]
 par new generation  total 118912K, used 86199K [0x00002aaaae1f0000,
0x00002aaab62f0000, 0x00002aaab62f0000)
  eden space 105728K,  69% used [0x00002aaaae1f0000, 0x00002aaab293dfa8,
  from space 13184K, 100% used [0x00002aaab4930000, 0x00002aaab5610000,
  to  space 13184K,  0% used [0x00002aaab5610000, 0x00002aaab5610000,
 concurrent mark-sweep generation total 2114560K, used 1239414K
[0x00002aaab62f0000, 0x00002aab373f0000, 0x00002aab373f0000)
 concurrent-mark-sweep perm gen total 34504K, used 20728K
[0x00002aab373f0000, 0x00002aab395a2000, 0x00002aab3c7f0000)

Why did a GC took 51 seconds? The machine still had enough memory available
so it could not be swapping. (swapiness is set to 0). From the 15
regionservers in total, I often see this specific regionserver fail. What
do you recommended in this situation?


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