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From Sujee Maniyam <su...@sujee.net>
Subject a utility to verify DNS on Hadoop/Hbase cluster
Date Thu, 08 Mar 2012 02:12:21 GMT
HI all,
I was once stung by issue of DNS not working correctly on a
Hadoop/Hbase cluster, it wasn't easy to debug.

So I wrote a simple utility to verify DNS on a cluster (all machines)


- It is written in pure Java; doesn't use any third party libraries.
So it is very easy to compile and run.
- it does both   IP lookup and reverse DNS lookup
- will also check if machine's own hostname resolves correctly
- it can run on a single machine
- it can run on machines across cluster (using password-less ssh)

Hope some one else finds it useful.

Any feedback and comments most welcome.


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