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From Andy Lindeman <alinde...@gmail.com>
Subject Scan startRow/stopRow vs. filter
Date Thu, 15 Mar 2012 18:48:54 GMT
Hi all--

I was reading the source code for Pig HBaseStorage loadfunc/storefunc recently.

It accepts arguments such as -gte and -lt for scanning ranges of rows;
however, it implements them by adding a RowFilter. Something that
basically boils down to ...

    scan = new Scan();
    gte_ = Bytes.toBytesBinary(Utils.slashisize(configuredOptions_.getOptionValue("gte")));
    scan.setFilter(new RowFilter(CompareOp.GREATOR_OR_EQUAL, new

How does this compare (in terms of equivalence and performance) to
setting startRow on Scan .. such as ..

    scan = new Scan();


Andy Lindeman

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