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From Dalia Sobhy <dalia.mohso...@hotmail.com>
Subject Re: Problem with cloudera
Date Wed, 29 Feb 2012 20:09:29 GMT
telnet is working normally!!
Thats way its so weird:)

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On 2012-02-29, at 6:12 PM, "T Vinod Gupta" <tvinod@readypulse.com> wrote:

> you mean to say you were able to connect using telnet? if that didn't work,
> i wouldn't go forward any further! nothing is going to work if telnet to
> port 9090 doesn't work.
> thanks
> On Wed, Feb 29, 2012 at 7:38 AM, Dalia Sobhy <dalia.mohsobhy@hotmail.com>wrote:
>> I checked it n i used telnet but same prob occurred , i tried another
>> method in thrift api something like getInputProtocol() it worked fine..
>> But as for createTable n deleteTable no respond !!
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>> On 2012-02-29, at 3:53 PM, "T Vinod Gupta" <tvinod@readypulse.com> wrote:
>>> a real simple test would be to do a telnet to port 9090 of server from
>> your
>>> client machine. make sure that works fine. a server could be listening on
>>> port 9090, that doesnt mean clients can connect to it.. there could be
>>> issues with dns, firewall, port forwarding, etc...
>>> thanks
>>> 2012/2/29 Dalia Sobhy <dalia.mohsobhy@hotmail.com>
>>>> Hiii alll,
>>>> I decided to share with you my problem, because my professor and
>>>> colleagues were not able to solve it.
>>>> First I will tell u my configurations : I made a client and sever for
>>>> hadoop. The server is on ubuntu cloudera 3 update 3 (chd3u3). My client
>> is
>>>> on my Mac OXs.
>>>> Second, I used a code for hbase thrift api (democlient.java) in client,
>>>> the hbase folder I downloaded it from cloudera same release (chd3u3).
>>>> The problem is when running the program, if I decided to create table or
>>>> delete table or use any function related to tables, I enter an infinite
>>>> loop, the client is waiting for the server to respond but the server is
>> not
>>>> replying to requests.
>>>> As for the connectivity, I checked that everything is OK, I am sure of
>>>> thrift server port (9090) and the server is running. Also by checking I
>>>> found that server and client are connected and seen each others. But as
>> for
>>>> handling the requests, the server is unable to do so.
>>>> Here is link for cloudera hbasehttps://
>>>> ccp.cloudera.com/display/DOC/CDH+Version+and+Packaging+Information
>>>> So any help ??
>>>> Best Regards,Dalia Sobhy

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