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From James Young <breath...@gmail.com>
Subject multiple partial scans in the row
Date Tue, 14 Feb 2012 17:45:46 GMT
Hi there,

I am pretty new to HBase and i am trying to understand the best
practice to do the scan based on two/multiple partial scans for the
row key.

For example, I have a row key like:  orderId-timeStamp-item. The
orderId has nothing to with the timeStamp and i have a requirement to
scan rows for certain orderIds ( a range of orderIds)  within certain
time period.    I am not sure if it is possible  to perform two
partial scan: one is for orderId and another one is for the timeStamp.

Also, doing regular expression on the row key might work out.  But it
is more expensive. so I am wondering what would be the best practice
for solving such a problem.

Thanks in advance,


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