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From Stanislav Barton <stanislav.bar...@internetmemory.net>
Subject Re: after adding table using add_table.rb, it is not visible (even after enabling)
Date Thu, 12 Jan 2012 13:18:22 GMT
Stack <stack@...> writes:

> On Tue, Jan 10, 2012 at 4:38 AM, Stanislav Barton
> <stanislav.barton@...> wrote:
> > I tried to import a table from hbase 0.90.3 to hbase 0.90.4 on a
> > different cluster by copying the data between those two clusters. I
> > uploaded the data into HDFS and called add_table.rb on that, that
> > finished ok. After that i went to hbase shell and did enable
> > "new_table" which also finished without firing any exception and in
> > the master log I can see that it registered the the request for table
> > enabling and finished ok, saying that all (328) regions of that table
> > are online. Using the UI I can see the new regions being served, but I
> > cannot see the table in the list of available tables in hbase (neither
> > gui nor shell). So when I try to scan that table it obviously says
> > that it does not know such table. When I do disable/enable the new
> > table there is no exception in the master log what so ever, nor
> > regions in transion going wild. I just cannot make it appear in the
> > list of tables.
> >
> Scan .META.  See if it looks healthy in there?   Do you see an entry
> for the first region that has null startkey and the endkey of this
> region is the start of the next?  And so on.  For one of the online
> regions, can you try getting the startkey from the shell?  What
> happens?
> St.Ack
I have checked .META. and found some regions missing in comparison with the
original table, including the very first region starting at "". I have then
checked the data in HDFS and found that those regions were not copied (or just
partially), so I have reconstructed the first region and rerun the add_table.rb
script and finally the table appeared in the list. So I also again copied the
files between the clusters and added the table. With the second round the table
appeared immediately, but after disable/enable the table in order to make the
regions to come up, there still two regions were are problems, the RS throws
NegativeArraySizeException while trying to open the region, the whole stack
trace is here: http://www.pastebin.ca/2102621

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