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From Joel Halbert <j...@su3analytics.com>
Subject HBase growing after issuing alter command with TTL and COMPRESSION
Date Tue, 18 Oct 2011 07:12:05 GMT
I have a stand alone instance of HBase (no hadoop) running on a single

It was originally at 32G, after updating some of the column definitions
from the shell:

alter 'table', {NAME =>'mycol', TTL => <two_months>}
alter 'table', {NAME =>'mycol', COMPRESSION => 'GZ'}

The data store has now grown from 32G to 51G (not caused by new data!).

I'd like to understand why running the alter command has caused this,
and when will it shrink again? Most of the data in the table is older
than the TTL I have specified and so I was expecting it to shrink pretty
soon, at the next major compaction. As this was ~ 24 hours ago I'm
surprised it's not yet happened.


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