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From bmdevelopment <bmdevelopm...@gmail.com>
Subject Delete row by key is not working
Date Fri, 23 Sep 2011 18:42:31 GMT

Currently experiencing the following problem with Deletes.
Attempted on both 0.20.6 and 0.90.4.

Trying to delete a row by using its row key. This is *not* working:

            ArrayList<Delete> toBeDeleted = new ArrayList<Delete>();
            for(Result res: scanner)
                toBeDeleted.add(new Delete(res.getRow()));

However, deleting each cell individually does work and the row is deleted:

            for(Result res: scanner)
                byte[] row = res.getRow();
                KeyValue[] kv = res.raw();
                for(int j=0; j<kv.length; j++)
                    Delete del = new Delete(row);
kv[j].getQualifier(), kv[j].getTimestamp());

Behavior is the same from HBase shell:

# delete row by deleting each cell works fine
> delete 't1', 'r1', 'c1', ts
> delete 't1', 'r1', 'c2', ts
> delete 't1', 'r1', 'c3', ts

# delete row by row key does *not* work
> deleteall 't1', 'r1'

This problem is only occuring for a particular table with a particular
row key format,
meaning deleteall is working for generic test cases, other tables with
other row keys, etc.
The format of the row key is just a long, followed by and int: [long][int]

Am I missing something really simple here?

Thanks for the help in advance!

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