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From Imran M Yousuf <imyou...@gmail.com>
Subject Using multiple column families
Date Fri, 09 Sep 2011 05:07:21 GMT

Firstly, I have read in the mailing list before that having more than
1 column family is not recommended. I am more interested to know
whether it is a problem in my use case as well or not.

I have a strong entitly and it has 6 weak entities all with 1-to-many
cardinal relationship to the strong entity. Furthermore, they are all
loaded in mutually exclusive manner, i.e. if A is strong entity and
its weak entities are P, Q, R, S, T, U in that case no 2 weak entities
are accessed at once. Moreover their lifecycles are independent of
each other. My current implementation is I have one column family for
the strong entity and one for each weak entities. So for a given row I
only load one column family at a time. The obvious advantages are that
- deleting strong entity automatically deletes the weak entities as
they are a single row, delete all of a kind weak entity for a specific
weak entity is as simple as deleting all cells in a column family for
a row. Our assumption (pretty high than what we expect) is that we
will not have more than 20k rows in that table. Under these
circumstance how bad is it to have 7 column families?

We would be glad if you would kindly share thoughts and feedback on this issue.

Thank you,

Imran M Yousuf
Entrepreneur & CEO
Smart IT Engineering Ltd.
Dhaka, Bangladesh
Twitter: @imyousuf - http://twitter.com/imyousuf
Blog: http://imyousuf-tech.blogs.smartitengineering.com/
Mobile: +880-1711402557

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