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From Doug Meil <doug.m...@explorysmedical.com>
Subject Re: HBase best practice and Regions confusion
Date Tue, 13 Sep 2011 12:26:25 GMT

Hi there-

Regarding EC2, see this in the Hbase book...


Regarding ROOT/META, see this in the Hbase book


On 9/13/11 6:16 AM, "Ronen Itkin" <ronen@taykey.com> wrote:

>Hi all,
>How are you?
>I am new to hbase and all I have been doing for the past week is reading
>information exists on the web.
>My goal is to master HBase from the System Administrator point of view and
>to setup an Cloudera HBase cluster relying on HDFS storage (Production on
>AMAZON Web Services).
>Hadoop HDFS is running over EC2 Large instances (2 Processing Units, 7.5G
>ram * 3 data nodes).
>I am about to have 4 tables in HBase, and I was wondering what is the best
>practice for my situation?
>How many HRegionServers should I use? will large AMAZON EC2 instances will
>be enough?
>I have another confusion regarding -ROOT and .META. regions, and regarding
>the process of a client approaching HBase.
>Where do these regions are being stored? How do they structured (rows,
>A client first approaches the Zoo Keeper and asks for the -ROOT region
>location? what happens next?
>Please elaborate as much as you can.
>Thanks and Best Regards,
>*Ronen Itkin*

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