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From "Geoff Hendrey" <ghend...@decarta.com>
Subject RE: PENDING_CLOSE for too long
Date Sat, 03 Sep 2011 07:11:24 GMT
"Are you having trouble getting to any of your data out in tables?"

depends what you mean. We see corruptions from time to time that prevent
us from getting data, one way or another. Today's corruption was regions
with duplicate start and end rows. We fixed that by deleting the
offending regions from HDFS, and running add_table.rb to restore the
meta. The other common corruption is the holes in ".META." that we
repair with a little tool we wrote. We'd love to learn why we see these
corruptions with such regularity (seemingly much higher than others on
the list).

We will implement timeout you suggest, and see how it goes.


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Subject: Re: PENDING_CLOSE for too long

Are you having trouble getting to any of your data out in tables?

To get rid of them, try restarting your master.

Before you restart your master, do "HBASE-4126  Make timeoutmonitor
timeout after 30 minutes instead of 3"; i.e. set
"hbase.master.assignment.timeoutmonitor.timeout" to 1800000 in


On Fri, Sep 2, 2011 at 1:40 PM, Geoff Hendrey <ghendrey@decarta.com>
> In the master logs, I am seeing "regions in transition timed out" and
> "region has been PENDING_CLOSE for too long, running forced unasign".
> Both of these log messages occur at INFO level, so I assume they are
> innocuous. Should I be concerned?
> -geoff

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