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From Xian Woo <infinity0...@gmail.com>
Subject about 'number of empty REGIONINFO_QUALIFIER rows in .META.'
Date Wed, 03 Aug 2011 09:16:51 GMT
Hello ,guys,

I've got  a table of which rows range from 'row1' to 'row-9999'  When I
tried to insert some value into the table using hbase shell , an error

hbase(main):014:0> put 'testRow', 'row-7555', 'CF:coasd', 456

ERROR: java.io.IOException: HRegionInfo was null or empty in .META.,

I checked what the hbck said :

Number of Tables: 0
Number of Tables in flux: 2
Number of live region servers: 2
Number of dead region servers: 0
RegionServer: server5.yun.com,60020,1312359067366 number of regions: 4
  testRow,row-3520,1312363767658.035828750a724d6ce041643aa9a05d19. id:
1312363767658 encoded_name: 035828750a724d6ce041643aa9a05d19 start: row-3520
end: row-4614
  testRow,row-4614,1312363803029.bf9f39ab3e172b72e7d967185f61c4b5. id:
1312363803029 encoded_name: bf9f39ab3e172b72e7d967185f61c4b5 start: row-4614
end: row-5453
  testRow,row-5453,1312363803029.f47d71e4743914daf9dec91916698d79. id:
1312363803029 encoded_name: f47d71e4743914daf9dec91916698d79 start: row-5453
  testRow1,,1312362321918.5af6ffbf5a81c8a94418ffd66f35b8fa. id:
1312362321918 encoded_name: 5af6ffbf5a81c8a94418ffd66f35b8fa start:  end:
RegionServer: server4.yun.com,60020,1312355578234 number of regions: 4
  -ROOT-,,0.70236052 id: 0 encoded_name: 70236052 start:  end:
  .META.,,1.1028785192 id: 1 encoded_name: 1028785192 start:  end:
  testRow,,1312363098100.5319467240a0a755f83caf71e4c4f1f4. id: 1312363098100
encoded_name: 5319467240a0a755f83caf71e4c4f1f4 start:  end: row-252
  testRow,row-252,1312363151512.b9f2b07ad2ea34d483d7f05764008be0. id:
1312363151512 encoded_name: b9f2b07ad2ea34d483d7f05764008be0 start: row-252
end: row-3520
Number of empty REGIONINFO_QUALIFIER rows in .META.: 1

  -ROOT- is okay.
    Number of regions: 1
    Deployed on:  server4.yun.com:60020
  .META. is okay.
    Number of regions: 1
    Deployed on:  server4.yun.com:60020
  testRow is okay.
    Number of regions: 5
    Deployed on:  server4.yun.com:60020 server5.yun.com:60020
  testRow1 is okay.
    Number of regions: 1
    Deployed on:  server5.yun.com:60020
0 inconsistencies detected.
Status: OK

What does 'empty REGIONINFO_QUALIFIER rows' mean? How to delete this
corrupted region? Or how can I fix this problem?

Thanks ,guys.

Best wishes!


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