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From hmch...@tsmc.com
Subject Re: Bulk load + Secondary index
Date Wed, 15 Jun 2011 00:16:17 GMT


I  am trying to speed up the data initial into HBase.
By spooling oracle data to csv file -> importtsv (Map/Reduce to HFile) ->
completebulkload -> build secondary index

Spool oracle data, one table with 7 millions records, taken time: 4 hours
importtsv in 5 machines cluster, taken time: 20 minutes
completebulkload , taken time: 5 seconds
build secondary index: N/A

If our production database (oracle) downtime is only a few hours, it seems
hard to spool its data  in a short time.
There are also a lot of table with no update time that we cannot load data
continuously  by that time column.
Any suggestions?

BTW, I found the root cause why my indexed table is empty.
By passing conf to HTable's constructor, it works fine. Thank God!

hbase-transactional-tableindexed /
 private void reIndexTable(final byte[] baseTableName, final
IndexSpecification indexSpec) throws IOException {
        HTable baseTable = new HTable(this.conf, baseTableName);
        HTable indexTable = new HTable(this.conf

Fleming Chiu(邱宏明)
Ext: 707-2260
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             2011/06/15 上午 02:55             Re: Bulk load + Secondary index         
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2011/6/14  <hmchiud@tsmc.com>:
> I am trying to dump my oracle data to hbase by bulk load.
> After that, build my index by hbase-transactional-tableindexed.

Perhap bulk loading is by-passing tableindexed's means of populating
the secondary index?

> Therefore, I wonder they are not the good combination.

What are you trying to achieve?

> Be Veg, Go Green, Save the Planet!

I will.


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