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From Gaojinchao <gaojinc...@huawei.com>
Subject Re: a question storefileIndexSize
Date Wed, 25 May 2011 01:55:30 GMT
Stack, Thanks for your reply.
block size is default.
My Key length is 26 bytes and value is 300~400 bytes.
Is it big keys and small values ?

发件人: saint.ack@gmail.com [mailto:saint.ack@gmail.com] 代表 Stack
发送时间: 2011年5月25日 1:01
收件人: user@hbase.apache.org
主题: Re: a question storefileIndexSize

What Ted says or you could change the hfile block size; currently its
64k.  Make it bigger?  Do you have big keys and small values?   If so,
can you make do with smaller keys?  That would help with index size


On Tue, May 24, 2011 at 5:29 AM, Gaojinchao <gaojinchao@huawei.com> wrote:
> My observation is that storefileIndexSize is large.
> Is there a way to reduce it ?
> Region server metric:
> requests=11447, regions=10394, stores=10394, storefiles=3103, storefileIndexSize=3717,
> memstoreSize=1002, compactionQueueSize=1234, flushQueueSize=0, usedHeap=6916,
> maxHeap=8165, blockCacheSize=1394662632, blockCacheFree=317661976, blockCacheCount=53394,
> blockCacheHitCount=16229024, blockCacheMissCount=91803814, blockCacheEvictedCount=22381853,
> blockCacheHitRatio=15, blockCacheHitCachingRatio=41
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