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From Iulia Zidaru <iulia.zid...@1and1.ro>
Subject Re: HBase filtered scan problem
Date Thu, 12 May 2011 13:42:49 GMT

Thank you for your answer St. Ack.
Yes, both coordinates are the same. It is impossible for the filter to 
decide that a value is old. I still don't understand why the HBase 
server has both values or how long does it keep both. The same thing 
happens if puts have different timestamps.


On 05/11/2011 08:05 PM, Stack wrote:
> On Wed, May 11, 2011 at 2:05 AM, Iulia Zidaru<iulia.zidaru@1and1.ro>  wrote:
>>   Hi,
>> I'll try to rephrase the problem...
>> We have a table where we add an empty value.(The same thing happen also if
>> we have a value).
>> Afterward we put a value inside.(Same put, just other value). When scanning
>> for empty values (first values inserted), the result is wrong because the
>> filter gets called for both values (the empty which maches and the not empty
>> which doesn't match). The table has only one version. It looks like the heap
>> object in StoreScanner has both objects. Do you have any idea if this is a
>> normal behavior and if we can avoid this somehow?
> Both entries exist in the hbase server, yes.
> The coordinates for both are the same?  If exactly the same
> row/cf/qualifier/timestamp then its going to be hard to distingush
> between the two entries.  The filter is probably not smart enough to
> take insertion order into account.
> St.Ack

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